Character Archetypes


Gunslingers sell their guns to the highest bidder or those in need, depending on their personal codes. Duels are still fairly common in the Wasted West, so gunslingers are quick-draws and deadly shots.
Your gunslinger needs a high Quickness and several levels in quick draw and shootin’.

Law Dogs

Law Dogs have taken a solemn oath to bring law and order to the ruined world. They have no real authority, just common sense and their own incredible wills. Their enemies are many, and their rewards are few, but someone must bring justice to the wastes.
Like gunslingers, Law Dogs need a decent Quickness, quick draw, and shootin’, but they also need a high Mien and overawe to make foes back down before lead starts flying. It’s just too expensive to kill every lawless heathen on the Irradiated Plains, and the best Law Dogs aren’t crazy enough to try.


Doomsayers are “radiation priests” of the Wasted West. Most Doomsayers are evil right down to their irradiated hearts, but your hero is one of those who rebelled against the “Cult of Doom” and their current leader, Silas Rasmussen.
All Doomsayers believe norms are “doomed,” hence their name, but Silas slaughters them to hurry things along. Your character is far more noble than that. He knows norms are going to be around a good long while, and he wants to ensure they don’t rise up and destroy the true watchers of humanity’s destiny.


Sykers are former soldiers with incredible mental powers. They learned their amazing trade in government academies where they were made into commandos, spies, and assassins. In the years before the Apocalypse, most sykers served on an alien planet named Banshee, though those that did are loathe to talk about the atrocities they were forced to commit there. Now they travel from town to town, drawn to trouble like moths to flames and using their incredible powers to fight the horrors of the Reckoning.


Templars travel the Wasted West in disguise, looking for those worthy of protecting. Once they discover a worthy cause, they reveal themselves as modern-day knights and pledge themselves
to see the trouble through to the end. Once revealed, Templars are heroic figures with white tabards adorned with a red Maltese Cross, and swords enchanted by their own acts and deeds.
Templars are a stingy lot however. They don’t hesitate to desert those who prove immoral. They are also cautious and, unlike the chivalric knights of old, have no qualms about backstabbing or tricking a foe if it wins the day.


Junkers are the techno-wizards of the Wasted West, picking clean the skeleton of the society which collapsed during the Last War. They can rebuild old technology and, with the help of the spirit world, build new devices of incredible power. They depend on the spirits for both inspiration and raw energy, but while manitous inspire and power their arcane gadgets, junkers still need the remnants of prewar technology to construct their infernal devices.


Hucksters are the mysterious souls who have learned the secrets of Hoyle’s Book of Games. Some say that within this cryptic text are hidden messages detailing ancient incantations and rituals of the black arts. Other say they are fakes and frauds, but a huckter’s hexes can be just as deadly as a gunslinger’s bullets – or worse.


The Harrowed are undead versions of their former selves, raised from the grave by the spirit manitous, who now wander the Wasted West trying to find a meaning in their re-animation. They face a constant battle for control between their own human minds and the sinister forces of the spirits that animate their dead flesh.


Cyborgs are undead remnants from the Last War, mechanical troops used in place of living solders, with their brains slaved to a central computer to keep them in line. Most cyborgs got to miss all the fun of clawing their way out of the ground. With the exception of those who were Harrowed prior to being implanted, most cans simply woke up dead and knew it. Some were volunteers who went into the operating room alive and came out a mechanized corpse, the rest were executed criminals or soldiers who died in the line of duty and got “drafted” into the cyber legions.

Indian Brave

Indian Braves are Native Americans who followed the “Old Ways.” They sensed long ago that technology was leading humanity to a bitter fall, and so they use only natural, handmade
tools and weapons.
Indian braves should be good with some sort of hand-to-hand weapon, and a bow is handy as well. Most are excellent trackers and can survive in the outdoors with ease, so high trackin’ and survival levels are a must.

Road Warriors

Road Warriors travel the ruined highways of the Wasted West looking for fuel to sustain their wanderlust. They often help towns plagued by other highway marauders in exchange for precious ghost rock or gas. The odds are often overwhelming, so road warriors outfit their rigs with salvaged armor and heavy guns.
Road warriors need several levels in drivin’, as well as a good artillery skill to fire their heavy weapons. The belongin’s Edge can set you up with a beat-up rig as well.


Savages are younger survivors who have little or no memory of the world before the bombs. Some have built their own communities where “elders” are reviled for destroying the world. Others are simply idealistic youths looking to become a great hero or heroine.
Savages don’t have much experience with technology, so most have the all thumbs Hindrance. They’re also usually very young, so the kid Hindrance is common. Guns are tough for them to repair, so most use hand weapons.


Scavengers are those desperate enough to enter the ruins of the blasted cities. They must
brave ghost-rock storms, irradiated battlefields, and the creatures of the outlands in search of treasures left intact after the Last War. Most end their days violently, but a lucky few become wealthy traders. Search, scroungin’, and survival are important skills for these wasteland wanderers.


Soldiers are hardy survivors of the Last War. Some lived because they were deserters or cowards, others because fate made them the sole survivors of units annihilated in the final days of blood. Now they wander the wastes, offering their grim services to those who feed them—or pay them just enough bullets to fight the next job.
Soldiers should have reasonable Strength, Deftness, and Quickness scores. Some might still have their heavy armor and weapons as well, which you can buy with the belongin’s Edge.

Tale Tellers

Tale-Tellers know the Reckoners can only be defeated by spreading hope and eroding their
precious fear. They join with other heroes in defeating those evils and then make sure the locals hear the story of their victory. Other taletellers may not be so noble, or perhaps they
don’t know of the Reckoners’ weakness. They perform for pay, for food, or simply for a warm bed for the night. For taletellers, high Mien and tale-tellin’ are a must.

Character Archetypes

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